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The coolest frog, turtle, ladybug or beetle gift your kid will ever get!

Looking for a cool gift for kids - something no one else has discovered yet? T-Jack is a one of a kind jacket designed for kids, which converts to a stuffed animal friend; an imaginary character with real characteristics of a frog, a ladybug, a turtle, or a beetle. Finally, something that both kids and adults would like. A coat, which your children can play with, can cuddle with, and take it out for a walk comfortably nested on their back. No more struggles with getting dressed. Simply replace “put on your jacket” with “let’s take your friend for a walk.” T-Jack is a perfect companion for travel. Simply convert the coat into a pillow toy for your kid to snuggle with during the long car or plane rides.

Buy a convertible jacket for your kids and see them smile. It’s the perfect gift!

Welcome to Convertible Designs, a children’s specialty store filled with unique clothing, toys and gifts. Collect Frogs, Ladybugs, Turtles, and Beetles and shop for our signature convertible jackets, t-shirts with original designs of Lovely Ladybug, Tough Turtle, Fearless Frog, and Busy Beetle and kids’ room decor.